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I bought one new in 1990. The body rusted off after about 14 years. It had 170,000 miles on the second odmoter. Other than replacing brakes twice, the clutch once, the odometer cluster, and patching the radiator once, there were no major repairs needed.

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Q: How many miles do Toyota 4 Runners usually last until they don't work?
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How many miles to replace timing chain TOYOTA?

The cam chain will last the life of the engine and need not be replaced until the engine is overhauled.

How many years until you replace the timing belt in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

It's not about time. You should change the timing belt every 90k miles.

2001 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder I have 99000 miles on it can I get another 200 miles on it until I can pay for the cost of a timing belt and water pump?

You suppose to change it on 90000 miles. Now it's like the russion rulet you might get lucky or not.

How do you adjust valves on a 2008 Toyota Corolla?

You do not adjust the valve clearance on a 2008 Toyota until it has 60000 miles. At that point, you might pay for getting it checked, or check it yourself. However, Corollas normally run 100,000 miles and even longer without any need for adjusting the valve clearance.

How often should spark plugs be changed on 2004 Toyota matrix?

I just spoke with a Parts person at a local Toyota dealer. He told me that the 2004 Toyota Matrix requires Iridium spark plugs, which retails for about $12 at the dealership, and it should not need to be changed until 120,000 miles.

How many kilometers until you need to change the 2004 sienna timing belt?

Toyota recomends replacing the timing belt on this vehicle at 90,000 miles, I belive that is about 145,000 kilometers

How often to runners injure themselves?

Runners are injured on a daily basis when they do not properly stretch and warm up before a run. There are so many little injuries that runners respective that they don't even realize until it is too late and they have permanently caused damage to themselves.

When did Toyota Corona cars first come onto the market?

The Toyota Corona was first manufactured in 1957 and continued to be made until 2002 was production ceased. In 1968 the Toyota Corona II was released. Production of this car continued until 2004.

How much time do you have after buying a van before the transmissions blows?

usually not until around 200,000 miles, but it just depends on the vehicle and how it's driven

How many miles do volkwagens run until?

Until you stop fixing them - 300,000 miles is not too wild.

How do you adjust parking brake on 2004 Toyota sienna?

if your van has rear drum brakes, adjust them up until there is a slight drag on the brakes. this usually does the trick to tighten up the parking brake.

What is the lifespan of Toyota Highlander brakes?

I have a 2002 Highlander and did not replace the pads until it had 110K miles. I am pretty easy on brakes but was still surprised they lasted that long, and they still had some pad left. 2.4L 2WD.