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As long as everything stays in good shape. a car could go a million miles or many more. On the low end it could go at 10000 miles or less.

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Q: How many miles before you blow a head gasket?
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How do blow a head gasket?

Let the engine overheat will normally blow the head gasket.

How can a head gasket blow in a week?

If it was repaired before head might have been warped and wasn't checked, poor quality gasket and or incorrect torque values. A warped head won't seal no matter what you do.

Will straight pipes blow a head gasket?

No, head gaskets usually blow because the engine overheated or there was a defect in the gasket or head during production.

How do you you blow a head gasket?

Anytime the engine overheats you have the possibility of blowing the head gasket.

Do head gaskets blow on Toyota Highlander?

A head gasket can blow on any thing.

What caused the head gasket on a 2005 ford explorer to blow with only 38000 miles?

Has the engine ever been overheated ? That will do it !

Do you have to resurface the head when replacing the gasket on a gst?

It is a good idea, most the time you blow a head gasket the head will be warped.

Will a busted radiator blow a head gasket?


How do you replace a head gasket for 1986 suzuki samuari?

should you drain oil in the car if the head gasket is blow

Can you blow a head gasket if you put a performance air fillter on?

No, the type air filter you use will have no detrimental effect on the head gasket. Head gaskets normally blow due to engine overheating.

What does the head gasket do in a car engine?

A head gasket joins that cylinder head with the cylinder block. It separated the oil and the coolant passages. If the two mix, the head gasket will "blow" soon.

How do you blow an head gasket?

Normally they blow due to engine overheating. They can sometimes blow for no apparent reason.