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Q: How many lies does the average adult tell in a day?
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How many lies does the average person tell?

50 and of course im lying. =]

Why do so many people believe obama's lies?

because he does not tell lies!!! He doesn't tell lies he just does the opposite to what everyone else wants!

How many pages does Great Lies to Tell Small Kids have?

Great Lies to Tell Small Kids has 96 pages.

Why are there so many lies about Vincent van Gogh's life?

You should ask those who tell the lies.

What happens if you tell too many lies?

It will get you killed and put you in jall

When was Don't Tell Me Lies created?

Don't Tell Me Lies was created in 1986.

Does his website tell lies?

The internet never lies

When was The Lies We Tell Ourselves created?

The Lies We Tell Ourselves was created on 2006-05-30.

In the 2007 movie Full of It why did Ryan tell so many lies?

To Become Popular

What are you if you tell lies?

a liar.....

What song has the lyrics you can tell yo lies you don't really care what you feel inside all you ever did was tell you lies?

is it called: lies by Mc magic?

How you tell someone lies?

Tell them things that are not true.