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39 lengths of a 50m pool

20 lengths of a 25m pool

43 lengths of a 50yard pool

22 lengths of a 25yard pool

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Q: How many lengths swim in 1.2 mile?
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How many laps in a 25 meter pool equal a half mile?

16 Laps (down and back) = 1 mile 32 Lengths ( 32 lengths X 25 meters/length = 800meters = 1/2 mile)

How many laps in a 25 meter pool would equal the same effort not distance in running a mile which is much easier than swimming a mile what would your estimate be for a mile swim to equal a mile run?

It so much depends on how fast you run and how fast you swim and what type of stroke, and your weight. But roughly, say you run a 10 minute mile you burn 100 calories; say you swim 12 laps (300 meters) in 10 minutes you burn about the same 100 calories. A mile is 1600 meters, so a mile swim is a about a 5 mile run. Or 12 laps is about a mile run

How long are triathlons?

The Olympic distance is a 1.5 kilometer swim, 40 kilometer bike, and 10 kilometer run. That translates roughly to .9 mile swim, 24.5 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run. They can range from as small as a 500 swim 12 mile bike 3 mile run, called a sprint triathlon, to a race with a 2.5 mile swim 112 mile bike and a marathon (26.2 miles), which is the Ironman.

How many laps do you swim in a 300 yard race?

To swim 300 yards it would be 12 lengths of the pool. Although there are no 300 yard races in competition swimming. It goes from 200 yards right to 500 yards.

Cara swims 34 mile in 12 hour. How fast does she swim?

34/12=2.83 She swims at 2.83 mph

How long is a tri athalon?

Well there are different lengths.A Sprint triathlon generally has 500 yd swim, 12 mile bike, and 5k run.An Olympic triathlon is 1500 m swim, 40 km bike, and 10k runA Half Ironman is 1.2 mi swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile runAn IRONMAN is 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a marathon (26.2 miles)

How many feet in 12 tenths of mile?

12/10 mile is 6,336 feet.

How many eighths of a mile in one mile?


How many yards are in a 12 mile?

1/2 mile is 880 yards.

12' stride how many step equal a mile?

12 inches is one foot and there are 5280 feet in a mile.

How many kilometres per hour is a 12 minute mile?

12 minutes per mile = 8.05 kph

How many nanometers in a mile?


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