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Q: How many languages did the apostle paul speak and write?
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How do you count to ten in Australian?

Most Australians speak English, though there are a few Italians, Greeks etc who don't speak English. There are also many languages used by the aborigines.

How many languages could Apostle Paul speak?

That was the true purpose of the "tongues" gift that he had. It enabled him to speak to, and understand those to whom he went out to, to evangelize. It was a necessary an legitimate use of the gift of tongues, and is not to be confused with the nonsense of "speaking in tongues" that certain sects of Christianity believe in today. Note: there will be a 2nd legitimate time, where the true gift of speaking in tongues will reappear, but it will be during the tribulation. It will be the necessary gift imparted unto the 144,000 Jewish witness's that Christ will appear to during the tribulation who will then "using this gift of supernaturally being able to speak in and understand other tongues (languages), to preach the gospel unto all people groups throughout the whole world before the end comes. Hope that helps.

How many ways can you write the number 11?

in what or using what? using formulas i can write it an infinite number of ways such as 1+10, 12-1, basically anything (n+11)+n or any combination for n using languages, no one knows how many real or imaginary written languages there are and all the symbols for the number 11

How many times does the word 'apostle' appear in the Bible?

The word "apostle" appears eighty times, all in the New Testament.

How many languages has the new testament been translated into?

80 different languages. :) :) :) :)

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