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1 calorie is 4.1868 joules. This is referred to (or was when I was at school a long time ago) as the 'mechanical equivalent of heat' and is worth remembering, you can say 4.2 joules to a good approximation.

So 1 kcal = 4,186.8 joules or 4.1868 kjoules if you prefer

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Q: How many joules are in 1 kcal?
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If the kcal is 185 what is it in calories?

184,999.99989344 in 185 kcals 1 joule = 0.239005736 calories 1 kilocalorie (kcal) = 4184 joules 185kl x 4184 Joules x 0.239005736 calories = 184,999.99989344

How many joules 5.55 kcal of energy is equivalent to?

A calorie is about 4.2 joules, therefore a kilocalorie is about 4200 joules. You can multiply by this number.

What are the energy formulas involving specific heat mass and temperature change?

E = mass x sp ht x Δ°t (Finding Energy)where E (Energy) or Q (Quantity of Heat), mass (g), sp ht (aka specific heat, J/g°C*[typical] or cal/g°C or kcal/g°C), and Δ°t (temperature change). Finding Temperature ChangeDivide energy by mass multiplied by specific heat. Δ°t = Energy-- Mass * sp htIn order to find the final temperature (if problem is asking for this), add or subtract the original temperature and the new temperature together.Tf = original temperature +/- new temperatureIf energy is added, the temperatures will be added together; if energy is removed, the temperatures will be subtracted.Finding MassDivide energy by specific heat multiplied by temperature change. Mass = Energy------- sp ht * Δ°tFinding Specific HeatDivide energy by mass multiplied by temperature change. Sp ht = Energy------- Mass * Δ°tConverting Form of Energy (joules, kcal, and cal)Sometimes a problem will have E be shown in cal/g°C or kcal/g°C but will be asking for Joules or even vice versa. This means a conversion has to take place. Cal --> Joules and Joules --> cal-Calories (Cal) --> Joules (J)Multiply # cal by 4.184 Joules (J).Conversion Factor# cal x 4.184 J = Joules---------- 1 cal1 cal = 4.184 Joules-Joules (J) --> Calories (Cal)Divide # Joules (J) by 4.184Conversion Factor# J x 1 cal = cal--- 4.184 J1 Joule = 0.239005736 calKcal --> Joules (J) and Joules (J) --> Kcal-Joules --> kcal (Joules --> cal --> kcal)Divide # J by # kcal multiplied by 103Conversion Factor# Joules x 1 cal - * - 1kcal = kcal---------- 4.184J -- 103 cal1 kcal = 4,184 Joules 1 Joule = 0.000239005736 kcal-Kcal --> Joules (J) (Kcal --> cal --> Joules)Multiply # kcal by 103 cal by 4.184JConversion Factor# kcal * 103 cal * 4.184J = Joules (J)----------- 1 kcal --- 1 calAnother relationship that is good to understand: 1 kcal = 1000 (103) cal 1 cal = 0.001 (10-3) kcal

How many joules are in 4kcal?

The conversion is 4.2 Joules per calorie, so 4 kcal is 16.8 kJ.

How many joules are absorbed by the water with a mass of 0.5 kg in order to raise the temperature from 30 to 65?

1 joule = 2.39 X 10-4 kcal 65-30 = 35 degrees 1 kcal = 1 degree kg 35 degrees X 0.5 kg / 2.39 X 10-4 kcal/joulle = 73222 joules

What is kcal?

1 kcal equal 1 000 calories or 4,184 joules. 1 calorie is equal to the heat needed to increase the temperature of 1 g water with 1 0C.

How is the energy value of food measure?

Joules (J) or kilocalories (cal) (kcal in Europe)

How many kilo joules in 3280 kilo calories?

3280 kcal = 13,730 kJ

Is 3.25kcal the same amount of energy as 3.25jouls?

No, to convert from cal. to joules 1 cal. = 4.18400 joules , then 1KCal = (4.18400 *10^-3) joules so 3.25 kcal doesn't equal 3.25 Joules

How many watts in a calorie?

1 cal = 4.186 Joules 1 watt = 1 Joule/1sec keep in mind that food calories (Cal) are really kilocalories (kcal)

How do you convert 750kcal to joules?

We searched on-line for about 4 seconds and found a conversion factor:1 Kcal = 4186.8 joules (rounded)That's all we need. Now all we have to do is multiply both sides of the equation by 750:750 Kcal = (750) x (4186.8) = 3,140,100 joules (rounded)

What is a person's maximum number of METS called?

A person's maximum number of METS is also called kcal level. Kcal is also known as kilocalorie. 1 Kilocalorie is equal to 4184 joules.

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