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approx. 23-25 waist

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Q: How many inches in hip of a size 0 pant?
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What is the bust size in inches of a 22 dress size?

A woman's size 22 pant or skirt measures at 42 inches for the waist and 50 inches for the low hip. In alphabetic sizes, this would be a smaller 2X.

How many inches in hip size 00?

like 2

What is the hip measurement of a womens size 2?

about 28 inches

What does a womens UK size 28 mean 28 inches around the hip bones?

one size fit 25-28 inches

What is the meaning for 32-26-32 while talking about ladies?

Breast size, waist size, hip size, in inches.

What is the hip size for a 6 and a 8?

normally, for a six it is 37-38 inches and 8 is 38-39 inches

What are the measurements for a size 4 women's dress?

The measurements for a US size 4 women's dress are 34.5 inches for the bust and 27 inches for the waist. The hip measurement is 37 inches.

What is the average hip size for 13-year-old girl?

100 inches

Junior pants size 13 are what size in women pant size?

A size 10 or 12 in ladies would be the equivalent of a size 13 junior's pants. Junior sizes are cut more straight through the hip and thigh as most teenagers are thinner through this area.

What is the equivalent in European size to a us womens size 8?

A US women's size 8 is a European size 38 in dresses and suits. Measurements for this size is bust 35-inches, waist 27-inches, and hip 37-inches. A women's size 8 shoe in the US is a European size 6.

What is your hip cir if you wear a size 10 jean?

Jeans can come in a variety of sizes. It is important to know what your hip circumference is, in case a brand of jeans use that sizing. If you wear size 10 jeans, your hip circumference is 39-40 inches.

What is the average size 8 hip measurement?

It's around 35 inches, but will differ person to person.