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Q: How many hours after taking should sample be taken?
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A random sample should be taken from?

A random sample should be taken from an entire population.

How long after taking an antibiotic should food be taken?

after 1and a half hours

How much much time after a blood sample is taken should it be tested?

Blood drawing after transfusions.after 24 hours.

What is involved in a Blood sugar test?

For a postprandial glucose test, you are required to eat 2 hours before a sample of your blood is taken. The results of your postprandial glucose test should be ready in 1-to-2 hours.

Can you take naproxen after taking tramadol 4 hours earlier?

No, you do not want to mix two anti-inflammatory medications. These are hard on the stomach and can cause internal bleeding if you overdose on them. Naproxen should be taken every twelve hours, so you can take something else after 10 hours. Indomethacin should be taken every 8 hours, so you can take something else after 6 hours.

What are the precautions in specific heat capacity experiment?

There are several precautions that should be taken in specific heat capacity experiments: The sample should be of a known, uniform composition. The sample should be of a known, uniform size. The sample should be of a known, uniform shape. The sample should be clean and dry. The sample should be at the same temperature as the calorimeter. The calorimeter should be well insulated. The calorimeter should be of known heat capacity. The surroundings should be at a constant temperature.

A sample taken without bias?

random sample

What is a sample taken without bias?

Random Sample

Science what is a sample taken without bias?

The answer is Random Sample

How long should you wait to drink alcohol after taking tetracycline?

Tetracycline should be taken on an empty stomach. Avoid cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, iron-fortified cereals and supplements, and meats for 2 hours before or after taking this drug. There is no interaction with alcohol.

Can you take cipro with milk?

Cipro should not be taken with milk or with anything (including vitamiin and mineral supplements) containing calcium. Avoid such foods for 2 to 3 hours before taking Cipro and for a couple of hours afterward.

What is a sample that is taken without bias?

A randomly selected sample.