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Q: How many hairs grow in a human body?
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How many hairs on the human body?


How many hairs in a human beard?

The answer is different for everyone. You can grow your beard out forever and never shave, or you can keep 2 hairs on your chin.

How many hairs grow on human hair?

Its almost impossible to count all your hairs. If you do count your hair it will take a little over a year.

How many pores are on a human foot?

Depending on the species of human we are talking about, it depends on the number of hairs you will grow on your body. The formula is # of hairs = sqrt(exp(Q-30,856)+bessel(etc./9*48,000))), where Q is # of pores on x human. Other factors to consider include...

How many hairs do you have?

The human body is covered in hair, whether it is visible or not. The lips, palms of hands and bottom of feet are hairless. It would be difficult to determine how many hairs are on the human body.

What are nettles?

Nettle is a plant of many with stinging hairs. They also have a ton of nutrients and are good for the human body.

How many hairs does a human lose?

100,000 hairs a day. approximately.

How many hairs grow on the human cancer patients head?

usually when you have cancer, all of your hair falls out, so they USUALLY have no hair

How many hairs grow on the human haed?

The number of strands on a human head varies with colour: Blonde 140,000 Brown: 110,000 Black: 108,000 Red: 90,000

How many hairs does a blond have on his or her head?

As many as they wish to grow.

How many hairs are shed everyday on the human head?


How many hairs are on the human on average?

About 100,000 on average.