How many guys use condoms?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Not nearly enough. There are still far too many preventable STDs in the world today.

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Q: How many guys use condoms?
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What will happend if guys don't use condoms on guys?

They will not get pregent but will get deaseas

Are there flavoured condoms of girls?

there are ones for guys so why not!

If your boyfriend carries condoms everywhere is he cheating?

umm. that is not a good sign. if he is taking condoms everywhere he goes when he is supposed to be with you, then that is a sign of being unfaithful. if he is with you and you guys are at home, why would the condoms have to leave the house? if you are with him when he leaves and you guys are going on vacation and he takes the condoms with him, that would be understandable. but he is taking condoms with him everywhere when you are not with him. the only time a guy would take condoms with him anywhere, and in this case you say everywhere, is because he intends to use them. sorry that he is doing this. I would definitely have a talk with him about it. Don't be naive. Any woman would obviously think that its not right for her boyfriend or husband to take condoms everywhere he went when he isn't with you.

What do Catholic use condoms for?

If they are practicing Catholics they could not use condoms.

What are ways that guys can perform single sex?

Do you mean alone or with someone? For alone they probably buy a girl dil do and put theyre penis there it not that expensive..For guys do it to girls i think they should always use a condoms if not it very dangerous I think.... I prefer condoms.. Some guys are gay the probably randomly buys a bunch for a sex with someone or put it in theyre penis randomly to cum... I hope this works.

How do you have protected sex?

girls: girls can take a birth control pill (unless of course you want to have children) guys: guys can wear condoms

Would my boyfriend take condoms on a trip for a friend?

Its possible but chances are they are his. Guys carry their own.

The use of what is seriously forbidden in the school corridors?

Guns. Rollerblades. Condoms. Many other things.

What do people use for protection?


What to use to have protective sex?


If you have an uti can use condoms?


How effective are condoms and withdrawal?

There is no use for withdrawal when using condoms. If you are afraid of the condom being burst then use a spermicide along with condoms. No I have my beautiful baby boy because of the failure of this exact thing...