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280 +/- 5%

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Q: How many grams of granular chlorine does a cup hold?
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How many grams to one cup of chlorine?

1 cup is 8 ounces. So 1 pound is 2 cups. - (NOTE :- Chlorine granules as used to shock pools, come in different concentrations, -be careful to note concentration percentage )

How many cups of granular pool chlorine in one pound?

2 cups

How many grams are there in 0.100 mols of chlorine?

Multiply the moles given, by the atomic mass of chlorine and you have your answer. (3.55 Grams)

How many grams of white granular sugar per cup?

About 250 gm per cup.

How many grams of Chlorine are in 7 grams of Sodium Chloride?

To find the answer, we multiply the 7 grams of NaCl by the ratio of the molar mass of chlorine over the molar mass of sodium chloride. By doing this, we find that there are about 4.25 grams of chlorine in 7 grams of NaCl.

How many mls in 85 grams of chlorine?


If 75 grams of sodium reacts with 25 grams of chlorine how many grams of salt will be produced?

If 75 grams of sodium reacts with 25 grams of chlorine how many grams of salt will be produced?

How many moles of atoms are there in 75.10 grams of chlorine?

75,10 g of chlorine = 2,1183 moles

How many grams of chlorine gas are needed to make 117 grams of sodium chloride?


How many molecules of chlorine are in 134.5 grams of chlorine? 1 mol of chlorine (Cl2) weighs (2*35.45 =)70,90 grams 134,5 grams of chlorine is (134,5/70,9 =) 1,897 mol of chlorinegas. 1,897 * 6,02 * 10^23 = 1,142 * 10^24 molecules of Cl2

How many grams is 64 moles of Cl?

64 moles of chlorine atoms would be 64 x 35.5 grams, i.e. 2272 grams. If you meant the substance chlorine, which consists of Cl2 molecules, it would be 4544 grams.

How many grams of carbon tetrachloride can be produced from reacting 709.0 grams of chlorine with excess methane?