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16 grams

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Q: How many grams does an ink pen weigh?
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How many grams of ink are in a ball point pen?

An ink pen's mass would not exceed a few grams.

Does a pen weigh 10 grams or 100 grams?

A pen would weigh approximately 10 grams. 100 grams would be about 100 grams of feathers.

The mass of an ink pen?

17 grams YOUR WELCOME CHEATERS!!!!! lol

How much ink does a marker pen have in it?

3 in a bic pen 4 in all others

Why does a pen have ink?

Because it is an Ink pen.

How much ink does a pen have in it?

a pen has about 75% ink in it

What is difference between ball-pen and gel-pen?

ball pen is ink. gel pen is a gel-like ink.. but not ink itself.

When was Ink Pen created?

Ink Pen was created in 2005.

You buy these for your pen and it fills with ink?

The thing that you can buy for your pen is an Ink Cartridge. And the thing that makes your pen work is an Ink Cartridge

Where can you buy pen ink in Perth?

You can buy pen ink in Perth at stationary stores such as Officeworks, Kikki.K, or Smiggle. Alternatively, you can also find pen ink at art supply stores like Jackson's Drawing Supplies or online retailers like Amazon or eBay.

Can you get ink poison from a pen?

Yes, you can. There are many toxins and chemicals that make up the ink.

What is a fountain pen?

A fountain pen is a nib pen that feeds ink the to nib via gravity and a capillary action that allows for smooth writing. They can store ink in the pens body or in an ink cartridge or converter which is can be re-filled with ink from an ink bottle.Major Fountain Pen brands are Parker, Waterman, Lamy, Cross, Montegrappa and many more