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alot, probaly millons

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Q: How many germs leave your mouth when you sneeze?
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How many germs are in the human mouth?

a million germs are in your mouth

How many germs are carried in a sneeze?

More than one

How many germs are in your mouth?

150 million germs live in your mouth

How many germs are there in a sneeze?

Because it still comes from your insides and it's built up. Sneezing is the body's way of getting rid of germs. The mucus builds up in the nose to catch all the germs that we breathe in and when we sneeze we get rid of them. So they can spread then to others.

Do sneeze guards over food actually work to prevent germs?

Sneeze guards are a great way to prevent germs from getting to your food. This are effective due to the the fact that many people may sneeze while getting food from the buffet.

How many germs are in the sneeze?

Germs travel at 80 millimeters per second. If you don't cover them they fly a long distance.

How many germs are in double dipping?

Almost or all of the germs that exist in your mouth.

How many bad germs are in your mouth?

Millions and Billions FACT: There are more stars in the sky than bad germs in your mouth

How many germs are in human mouth?


What is a sentence for sneeze?

He Sneezed in front of president. This is one of many examples for sentence use.

How many miles per hour does a sneeze travel out of your mouth?

geew iubfuba;gc

If the sneeze travels at 100 miles an hour then how many feet does the sneeze travel?

Not many feet, but a few. They dont just fall, the germs in your sneeze always end up on something. Even when there's nothing around it's bound to float on your hands then on to someone else