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150 million germs live in your mouth

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Q: How many germs are in your mouth?
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How many germs are in the human mouth?

a million germs are in your mouth

How many germs are in double dipping?

Almost or all of the germs that exist in your mouth.

How many bad germs are in your mouth?

Millions and Billions FACT: There are more stars in the sky than bad germs in your mouth

How many germs are in human mouth?


How many germs leave your mouth when you sneeze?

alot, probaly millons

What has most germs the anus or mouth?

the mouth.

How many germs in the human mouth?

Approximately 100 million per millimetre of saliva.

What is a risk for a dentist at there job?

First of all- germs and diseases. The human mouth has germs asnd the dentist has to look in the mouth. You know how they have those mouth covering things? It's because of that.

How are diseases spred?

the way most germs spread is by breathing the germs out of your mouth, so somebody else breaths it in and the germs get in their body.

Why do bacteria live in your mouth?

Because there are germs everywhere.

Does a dogs mouth have germs that can make you sick?


Can a dogs mouth be clean if they lick you in the mouth?

No. A dogs mouth is full of germs. Think about where they lick and what they eat. Bacteria can be transferred to your mouth when doing this.