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Q: How many female rabbits should a health male mate?
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Are female rabbit's bigger than male rabbits?

no usually the male rabbits are bigger than female , because male rabbits are more dominate.

Female rabbits or male rabbits whom dig?

Probably the male rabbits dig

What are the names for male and female and baby rabbits?

Male rabbits are bucks.Female rabbits are does.Young rabbits are called kittens or kits.

Can rabbits go from female to male?


Are white rabbits male or female?

White rabbits can be either male or female. See the related question below for info and links with pictures that can help you identify if your rabbit is male or female.

What is the name of a male and female rabbit?

A male rabbit is called a buck as well as a deer, a female is a doe.

How old do male rabbits have to be to have babies?

Male rabbits are pose to be 6 months to bred. with a female rabbit.

Should male rabbits be removed from the female rabbit if their is kits?

The male rabbit should never be housed with the female rabbit. He should never be introduced to her habitat. To breed she should be taken to his cage and removed after they are done breeding. The male rabbit should NOT be exposed to the kits.

Do you need a male rabbit to conceive?

Depends on who this "you" are. Female rabbits need access to intact male rabbits to get pregnant.

What happens if you put two male rabbits and one female together?

The male rabbits will probably fight and possibly kill each other. They quite possibly will neuter each other. No rabbits should be caged together. Rabbits are very territorial and need their own space. The female WILL also get tired of being bugged by males and can turn on them and fight the male also sometimes castrating (or neutering) the males which is why you should watch your rabbits when you are attempting to breed them.

Can male rabbits smell female rabbits when they are in heat from far away?

Rabbits don't go into heat.

How the rabbits breed?

Will the male gets behind the female and he does it