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he is in the first episode and the last episode for the other episode he is just using the web cam to talk his mom and Friends

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Q: How many episodes of the Sarah Jane adventures is Tommy knight in?
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Who plays luke in The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures?

Tommy Knight

Who plays luke smith in sarah jane adventures?

Tommy Knight .

Is Tommy knight leavin the Sarah Jane adventures?

i think he is in the last episode of series 4

Who is Tommy Knight?

Tommy Knight was born on the 22nd January 1993 in Chatham and is an English actor best known for playing Luke Smith in The Sarah-Jane Adventures.

How old is Tommy knight Sarah janes adventures?

He is 16 years old. Born 22nd January 1993.

What is the real name of luke smith in Sarah Jane adventures?

Tommy Knight played in the role of Luke Smith .

How old is Tommy knight from the Sarah Jane adventures?

His birthday is 22nd January 1993, so he is currently 17 (August 2010)

Who acts in the Sarah Jane adventures?

These are the four main characters: Series 1: Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith Tommy Knight - Luke Smith Yasmin Paige - Maria Jackson Daniel Anthony - Clyde Langer Series 2-4: Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith Tommy Knight - Luke Smith Anjli Mohindra - Rani Chandra Daniel Anthony - Clyde Langer

What was the name of the episode of The Bill which Tommy Knight was in this year?

He appeared in two episodes: "426" (2006). "Held Responsible" (2010).

Is Tommy knight cute?

Yes! Tommy Knight is cute.

How can people contact Tommy Knight?


Is Tommy knight leaving Sarah Jane aventures?

well all of them have to because its not on any more since Liz died