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How many days smoking affects your body is questionable. Someone that smokes for even one day will notice changes. Someone who smokes for a long time will have changes of their respiratory and cardiovascular system.

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Q: How many days does smoking take to affect your body?
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How many days you required to quit smoking?

1 month.

How many organs affected by alcohol and smoking?

Your entire body is affected.

Working in a smoking bar for 8 hours is the same as smoking how many cigarettes?

Don't know you cant smoke any where these days.

Does smoking marshmallow leaf affect your brain?

the answer to this question is no it actually doesn't but many people thnk it does

How does smoking effect the body?

Smoking has many negative effects on the body, inside and out. It discolors the fingers and nails, contributes to bad breath, dull and tired looking skin. Smoking turns the lungs black and can cause cancer and heart disease.

What kind of pollutants can damage many body systems?

Smoke produced by cigarettes and smoking can change body systems.

How can smoking affect your physical health?

Smoking is a major cause and risk factor of most cancers, health conditions, and diseases. Because of smoking related causes, more than 400,000 people die. People now-a-days start smoking at a very young age and they get addicted. Nicotine itself does many bad things like it dulls your taste buds and it can increase blood presure and heart rates.

What kind of air pollutants can damage many body systems?

Smoke produced by cigarettes and smoking can change body systems.

How does marijuana affect your body?

It destroys your lungs and brain and damages it by smoking and can may cause you heart problems in the future. It can give you a dry mouth, increase your blood pressure and many more things you won't like experiencing.

Can't breath well from smoking too many cigarettes the other night Hard time breathing?

Smoking too many cigarettes can be bad for the body. I would try not to smoke.

How does cigar smoking affect the body?

Basically the same as smoking cigarettes they will make you smell like cigars, You will become addicted to them, the chemicals that are inhaled and swallowed may lead to any number of illnesses shortness of breath, emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease, gangrene and many more health problems.

Does smoking cause kidney stones?

Besides the carcinogenic affects of smoking upon many internal organs, smoking has been linked to an increased risk of kidney disease due to the increased stress caused to the organ's blood vessels (to put it simply).