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Q: How many days do you have to submit an accident aflac claim?
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What is the timely filling limit to submit the claim to aetna insurance?

120 days in WA.

Under an accident and health policy a claim must be reported in how many days?

10 days

What is the number of days or months a person has to make a claim from the day of the accident?

Usually 30 days.

What is the time limit in California to submit a Medicaid claim from the date the service is rendered?

In CA, you have 30 days to submit a claim to Medicaid unless you have Good Cause for delay which allows up to 1 year.

After returning from official travel you should complete and submit your travel vouchertravel claim within how many days?

within 5 calendar days

How does one file an auto accident injury claim?

The first step to file an auto accident injury claim is to see a doctor within a couple of days of the accident, fill out the medical forms and be sure to stick to your care plan.

Can a person file an insurance claim 72 days after a minor auto with accident no police report?

Yes you can.

How long do you have to file a claim for damage to your car in an accident?

i believe it's 3 days but I'm not sure

What is the timely filing limit of healthnet?

It varies from country to country. In India, you are submit claim papers within 7 days from the date of discharge and after 60 days for post hospitalization expenses to be the final part of the total claim.

Does AXA car insurance have a good payout rate for drivers involved in accidents?

AXA is a car insurance company based in Ireland. A claim should be filed within 24 hours of the accident. The claim should be processed within 10 days of the accident.

Will an insurance company deny a claim if they were notified days after the accident?

the ''CAN'' if it's been too long, most don't file it NOW !!!

How long do you have after a car accident to report and file a claim with the at fault person's insurance company in California?

Typically you have 30 days to file.