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People mourned for Moses 30 days.

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Q: How many days did the people of israel mourn for moses?
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How many days to mourn death of a loved one in the Bible?

The people mourn for a period of 40 days , for a near and dear one after the person has died.

Where did Shavout originate?

It is actually called Shavuot, not Shavout. Mount Sinai, in Israel is the originating location of Shavuot. It celebrates the day, or two days (outside of Israel), when God gave Torah to Moses. Because it originated in Israel, it is celebrated in one day by Jews of Israel, and in two days by Jewish people outside Israel.

Which religions need their food cooked differently?

The people in Israel, Jewish, eat Kosher and must abide by the law of Moses at The Feasts and the Most Holy Days.

How many Jews lived in Israel during Moses' lifetime?

None. %The Israelites entered the Holy Land thirty-three days after Moses died.

How did people get to Israel in 1882?

There was no israel in those days, only Palestine. People went there by land or by sea.

Who was Samri in the days of Moses?

He was the magician firing called to trick people and create delusion as Moses was a mgician

How many days the bible say you can mourn?

In the Bible, the Egyptians mourned for Jacob for 70 days, (Genesis 50.3) and the Israelites mourned for Aaron for 30 days, (Numbers 20.29) But there is no rule about how many days you should mourn. It is up to you.

Does anyone nknow how long moses was in the mountain with god for the ten commandment?

Moses spent a total of 80 days and nights on the mount with God. The first 40 days was when God wrote out the original 10 commandments, then Moses was told to go down the mount as the children of Israel was making a golden calf. Shortly after this Moses went up the mount again for another 40 days and nights for the second (replacement) set of Ten Commandments. This can be found in the Book of Exodus.

What did the israelites do when moses was on mount sanai for 40 days?

When Moses was on Mount Sinai for40 days, the people got restless and melted their gold andbuilt a golden calf.

How many days is the festival of Passover celebrated for?

In Israel it lasts seven days, and in the diaspora (out of Israel) it lasts eight days.

Muslim widow how long can she mourn?

She may mourn as long as she likes, but the period given in the Koran is four lunar months and ten days.

How long will your mama cat mourn her kittens?

Just a few days.