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Q: How many countershafts are used in the forward section on ford roadranger transmission?
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What is the Function of a splitter valve on a 18 speed transmission?

A splitter valve is used on a multiple countershaft transmission to provide extra gears in conjunction with the range valve. A range valve actuates an extra set of gears in the auxilliary section to provide both a high and a low range, providing up to ten forward speeds and two reverse speeds. The splitter valve works another set of gears in the auxiliary section and allows each of those forward gears to be "split" yet again, thus providing up to twenty forward speeds.

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How do you change neutral switch on 2000 Chevy blazer with automatic transmission?

Located inside the transmission Check auto repair section

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How do you remove the hydraulic clutch cylinder 89 ford bronco II?

Remove the exaust pipes. Remove the transmission. It is located inside the bell housing section of the transmission.

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