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State Farm handles roughly around thirty-five thousand claims a day, and is ranked upon one of the highest claim companies in the United States of America.

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Q: How many claims do State Farm process in a day?
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Where can one open an account at State Farm?

There are many different insurances and health plans out there. State Farm is one of them. To open an account at State Farm, one could visit their website and apply online.

Where is a good place to view a State Farm insurance logo?

There are many places to view a State Farm insurance logo. Google is such a good place to look in the images and you can search for State Farm logos.

How many regional macs are assigned by cms to process dme claims?

When the CMS discovered fraud among many of the MACS they decided to consolidate them into four regional MACS to process all DME claims, they did this in order to maintain stricter quality control and supervision of the DME claims.

How many customers does State Farm insure?

State Farm insures the most customers out of all the insurance companies but they don't give out exactly how many customers they insure exactly.

Does State Farm offer classic car insurance?

Yes State Farm does offer classic care insurance. This is one of the many things that they offer.

How many people does state farm employ?

call them and ask!

What does State farm insurance mean when they say a mandatory reporting endorsement has been added to your policy?

This is not a State Farm specific guideline. the long and short of it is, many insurance policies offer a no fault coverage for medical expenses incurred. This endorsement basically states that a person who is injured on a property should have access to this no fault coverage before having to submit medical claims to Medicare.

How many dogs are you allowed to have on a farm?

I believe it depends on the state you live in.

How many people use state farm?

abont 6 million

How much does State Farm Homeowners insurance cost on average?

State Farm actually has no base flat rate for Homeowners Insurance. The quotes vary with the estimated value of assets, previous insurance claims, depreciation, and how many discount packages one will qualify for. Most people end up saving several hundred dollars by switching, but getting a quote is the best way to know for sure.

Does State Farm have an online car insurance quote New York?

State Farm is one of the many insurance companies that will give you an online quote. Just go to

Where can one go to compare household insurance?

One can go to compare household insurance at a State Farm website on the Internet. At State Farm, they give you many options to compare household insurance.