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Q: How many claims can you make before they cancel you?
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How many claims can you make on home insurance before they drop you?

Theoretically, a person should be able to make as many claims as they need to against their insurance without being dropped. However, making false claims is a great way to get arrested and dropped from one's insurance.

How many hours before can cancel train ticket?

Even you missed your train, you can cancel the ticket. But you will get a little amount like about 30% of your train ticket fare. Generally If you cancel your ticket before preparation of final chart you will be charge a little cancellation charge, so Its better to cancel ticket before preparation of final chart to get more amount back.Source -

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Many of the claims against vegans are untrue :) -Apex-

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How do I pay a judgement from small claims court before a garnishment is served?

There are many different ways that you can achieve this but the simplest way to accomplish this is to set up payment arrangements with the creditor or lender and make sure that you pay them.

How do you cancel a auto policy with state farm?

Many many ways to cancel a policy1. Just call them up and cancel over the phone2. Send a signed letter requesting cancellation3. Stop paying the premium and it will cancel by defaultjust a few examples

How does an auto insurance company make money with a no-cancellation policy?

Simple. There really is no such thing as a no-cancellation policy. Read the fine print and you will see that there are many reasons that the company can and will cancel the policy. Such as not paying the premium, too many claims, suspended license, etc. This was a marketing gimmick devised by AARP to scare older drivers into thinking their insurance company would cancel them because of their age then coming up with a solution in a "no-cancel" policy. AARP is terrible about trying to keep retired persons scared of everything they can come up with then misrepresenting themselves as a solution while in reality just making money off of them. Scams.

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Samuel the prophet is one. But many made and still make such claims.

How many syllables does CANCEL have?


How many times can a plaintiff cancel their depositions?

Whether or not a defendant can cancel a deposition depends on whether it is a defense deposition. If it is the other side, the defendant cannot cancel a deposition.

Can state farm drop coverage in the middle of a claim?

Yes there are many reasons your policy could be cancelled whether or not you have a claim pending, such as when we fail to make premium payments or certain other factors such as DUI, DWI or claims that result from concealment or fraud that may render you no longer eligible for the insurance program you had with the company. As for cancelling your policy due to a claim. No, Insurance companies in the U.S. do not cancel your policy simply because you have a claim. Additionally if you've had too many claims that make you no longer eligible for the program or claims resulting from negligence or if the company perceives a moral hazard then your policy could also be non renewed. It's not the same as a cancellation it just mean that they will not renew the policy for another term. Happy Motoring