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I think there are 18 - 20 that what i remember

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Q: How many chapters are in the vampire dairies the awakening?
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How many chapters are in The Vampire Diaries the fury?

In the Awakening there is 16 chapters. Not counting the Struggle because they sorta put them together. Which by the way also has 16 chapters.

How many chapters are in the awakening by Kelley Armstrong?


How many chapters does the manga chibi vampire have?

Karin: Chibi Vampire has 58 chapters compiled into 14 volumes.

How many chapters in vampire knight vol 1?

in volume one there are 5.5 chapters

How many chapters are in Vampire Diaries nightfall?

The hardcover book has 592 pages.

How many chapters does the 5th vampire daires book have?


How many chapters are ther of chibi vampire?

there are more than 40 chapters or chibi vampire. if you wanna read it online go to: it only goes to 39 though and i know that there is more than just 39 chapters!

How many volumes does vampire portrait have?

It has 2 volumes made of 6 chapters.

How many chapters are in vampire kisses 9?

10 season include 165 episode

How many Accelerated Reader points is Dork Dairies?

Dork Dairies is worth 5 points.

How many series of vampires dairies are there?

Season 1: "Pilot" "Night Of The Comet" "Friday Night Bites" "Family Ties" "You're Undead To Me" "Lost Girls" "Haunted" "162 Candles" "History Repeating" "The Turning Point" "Bloodlines" "Unpleasantville" "Children Of The Damned" "Fool Me Once" "A Few Good Men" "There Goes The Neighborhood" "Let The Right One In" "Under Control" "Miss Mystic Falls" "Blood Brothers" "Isobel" "Founder's Day"

How many Rosario plus Vampire books are there?

Their are two seasons and twenty two books each book has four chapters