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Q: How many cfm is in a 12 ton liebert unit at .5 static?
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How do you calculate static pressure if only CFM are given?

The CFM of the equipment are given, how to calculate Static Pressure for it.

How many cfm equals btu?

have a AC unit that is rated 5,200 CFM's. What is the conversion to BTU's

How many ton of refrigeration unit need for10260 cfm?


70psi equals how many cfm?

CFM is a unit of flow PSI is a unit of pressure you cant equate these except to say that they are inversely proportional... as pressure increases flow decreases

How many cfm is a 600 psig heat pump?

PSIG has nothing to do with CFM. Ratings for a/c units and heat pumps are generally 400 cfm/ ton of capacity. 12,000 Btuh is one ton of refrigeration. So if the a/c unit is 6000 btuh, it would be a half ton unit.

How to calculat cfm in air handling unit it is 5 ton refrigeration?

2000 cfm. 400 a ton.

What is international pressure?

Internal Static Pressure, as it pertains to HVAC AHU's: it is the static pressure losses, which the fan needs to overcome to create a certain amount of CFM flow through the unit. It may or may not include those losses created by the filter boxes, dampers, louvers, etc. All other static pressure losses not considered internal can be notes as ESP (External Static Pressure). The absolute value of the sum of the ESP and ISP is referred to as Total Static Pressure (TSP), which is the pressure that the fan will have to overcome to generate the rated CFM.

What are cfm?

The term cfm stands for cubic feet per minute. It is a unit of measurement used to determine the amount of air flow,.

1tr equals how many cfm?

1tr = 400 cfm

What is CFM of air handling unit?

cubic feet per minute...

What is internal static pressure?

When you are talking you send your sound pressure, but around you is the atmospheric pressure and your waves are on top of that. You are changing a bit but not noticable that nearly static air pressure.

Cfm of 1.5ton ac?

It really depends on the type of unit/make/model. But if you want a estimate, 400CFM = 1 Ton. So to answer your question, 600 CFM.