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vague question. start with 7. after each round, one with no cards left gets 5 more. can't put one down, draw 1- end of turn (or) keep drawing until you can put one down.

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some people draw multiple, or until they can play. but I, personally, play where you just draw 1.

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Not a vague question - they're asking what do you do if it's your turn, and you have no cards which match either the color or the number. Got here via Google and am still looking for the same. Thanks, 2011!

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Q: How many cards do you draw if you can't play in uno?
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Why cant you play cards in the jungle?

there are too many Cheetahs...

How do you play zombies with death cards?

you cant

Can you use 2 packs of cards to play 5 card draw poker?


Can you play god cards in yugioh gx spirit caller?

no you cant

What do you do when you do not have any cards in your hand?

Play continues as normal if you still have cards in your deck. Without cards in your deck, you lose on your next draw because you can no longer complete the start phase (draw a card) to move to the main phase one (first change to play magis/spell cards. You may want to get rid of all cards from your hand. There are some cards with effects that activate only if you do not have cards in your hand.

When you run out of cards in your deck is your game over or can you play the cards you have on the field until they are dead?

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game- When you have no cards in your deck, you may duel unless you are forced/have to draw. If you must draw, yet have no cards in your deck, you lose.

Can you play a draw 4 on draw 4 in d game uno?

There are 4 draw 4 cards in Uno. Oh the Irony

In UNO can you play one draw two off of another?

Absolutely! You can keep going around the circle putting draw two cards down until someone doesn't have one. In that case, you add up all the draw two cards and that person who didn't have one will have to pick up that many cards.

I curently have a cyber dark dck it has about 50 cards. I have 20 magic cards is that too much?

it depends on which effect they have; and what deck u play. an otk has never enough cards with effects allowing you to draw more cards than in draw phase. but generally, i would recommend you to have as little as possible of them. the more cards you have in your deck basically, the less is the chance to draw them. with 40 cards in one's deck: u have a chance of 2,5% to draw 1 particular card...with every card about 40 cards, the chance gets more little. whereas: 20 magic cards is somewhat exaggerated. the releation between monsters and spells/traps should be 1:1...unless the spells/traps/monsters allow you to draw more cards..

How many cards do you play in 1 turn of Yugioh?

There is no hard limit. You can perform one Normal Summon or Set, as many special summons, and activate as many spell or trap cards as you can, keeping in mind the zone restrictions. Apart from that, there is no actual limit, and one deck abused that to the max. The "Tunde's Trunado" deck spent 11 minutes on its first turn. It would play continuous spells to add counters to Royal Magical Library, draw cards from that, bounce the continuous spells back to hand with Giant Trunade, play them again for more card draw, recycle Giant Trunade over and over by various means. Then it would win in the oppoenent's draw step with Life Equalizer and Blasting the Ruins.

Can you use a wild card against a wild card draw four stating different color in uno?

UNO is a game with a lot of different house rules, but the actual UNO rules state that when a Wild Draw 4 card is played, the next player loses their turn and draws four cards from the top of the draw pile. If the subsequent player, not the one who had to draw four cards but the one after them, wishes to change the color they may play a Wild or Wild Draw 4 card on top of the Wild Draw 4 card at the top of the stack. However, the rules also state that if you are going to play a Wild Draw 4 you must not have the proper color card available to play. Therefore, if you have a card that matches the color that was called by the player who discarded that first Wild Draw 4, you must play that card instead. If you ignore that card in your hand and play your Wild Draw 4 anyway, another player may challenge you. During a challenge you must show your cards to the challenger to prove that you are not holding a card of the active color. If you are found to be holding the required colored card, you must draw four cards. If you didn’t have the necessary color, the player who challenged you draws four cards plus two additional cards as a penalty. There are no challenges when you play just a plain Wild card.

What happens when you run out of cards during your turn in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Nothing happens, you just don't have cards until the next draw phase. Some would say that you're up a creek without a paddle, also known as top-decking. == == If you play a video game like Forbidin memories it will refule your hand where as if you do it in a regular game as in the TCg you do not draw.