How many bytes is a double variable?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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There are 8 bytes in a double

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Q: How many bytes is a double variable?
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How many bytes take an integer variable in C under windows?

A plain integer variable in C under windows is 2 bytes in 16 bit windows, and 4 bytes in 32 bit windows.

How many bytes occupy by double precision numbers?

eight bytes in most popular system

How many bytes are allocated when a variable is declared in union?

The total number of bytes allocated to the union will be the same number as would have been allocated if instead of the union was declared the largest member of the union. For example, if you declared: union myUnion { char c; int i; double d; } u;, then the space allocated to u will be the size of a double.

How many bytes in an address of an int variable?

32 bits or 4 bytes and an int is not an address, it is a primitive so it directly access the data without a reference.

What is the function in java to find the size of given variable?

Dependion on the variable there are several methods to do it, this can only be applied to primitive types and arrays, for an array its the "name_of_array.length", for the arraylist this change just a little, it would be like "name_of_array_list.size()", for an int, double, float, long, byte, it would be like "name_of_variable.LENGTH" this is a public variable so you dont need a get, an finally for the String there is a method "name_of_string.length()" this would return the size of this String

How many bytes required for int float double char boolean?

Int: 4 bytes Float: 4 double: 8 char: 1 boolean: 1

Define pointer in C?

Pointer is a variable, A variable that stores the address of another variable. Size of a pointer is 2 bytes.

What is a double byte?

A double byte is two bytes.

How many bits in a double word?

it depends on how long the word is

How many bytes is an integer variable?

It depends on the context. Each database and computer language define an "integer". In the C language an integer is defined by the hardware. It can vary from 2 to 8 bytes or more.

How many is 1gb?

1073741824 bytes or 10243 bytes or 230 bytes