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Q: How many aflac accident claims can i file a year?
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AFLAC Inc what does the agents think of aflac?

I'm an Aflac agent and I LOVE the company. They are honest, quick to pay claims, and offer financial protection for many, many people.

How many physical therapy visits are covered under AFLAC accident policy?

You need to contact your insurance company.

How many times can you file small claims?

The number of times you can file small claims varies by jurisdiction. In general, you can file as many small claims cases as needed, as long as you have valid legal claims against the other party. It's important to check with your local courthouse or small claims court for specific rules and limitations.

How many days do you have to file temporary disability insurance claims in Minnesota?


What operator of an aircraft that has been involved in an accident is required to file an accident report within how many days?

10 days.

What does the website My Accident Solicitor provide for clients?

My Accident Solicitor provides clients with many services. For one, MAS is a specialist in accident claims and one of the premier vendors of personal injury solicitation.

How many years after an accident do you have to sue?

In the United States, most jurisdictions have a 2 year statute of limitations for filing suits and claims related to an automobile accident.

Where can one find lawyers who handle bicycle accident claims?

One could find lawyers who handle bicycle accident claims from many different places. Some of the places in which one can find lawyers who handle bicycle accident claims are newspapers, or magazines.

Which companies deal with car accident injury claims?

There are many companies that deal with injury claims for car accidents. Some of the more well known companies include National Accident Helpline, Fentons and Injury Lawyers 4 U.

What services does the National Accident Helpline offer?

The National Accident Helpline offers help to give those who have been in an accident the compensation they need if it wasn't his or her fault. They take many different kinds of claims.

In Washington State how many days does an operator have to file an accident report for an accident involving property and or equipment damage only?

5 days

How many years will an accident remain on your insurance record in Ca?

Your claims history is usually viewable for 5 years from date of incident.