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2. Abruptly and monthly.

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Q: How many adverb the sentence have They decided very abruptly to hold meetings monthly?
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Arrays Can anyone help you write a VB program that stores the names of the 10 athletes stores their monthly time in seconds for each of the 12 monthly meetings and stores three years worth of data?

Heres the actual question with more info (the numbers and names can be made up): A program is required to store the performances of a set of 100m athletes over time. Each athlete attends a competitive meeting once a month and their best times are recorded. This data can then be used to analyse their performance. There are 10 athletes, 12 meetings in a year and the program is required to store data over a 3 year period. Write a program which: · Stores the names of the 10 athletes · Stores their monthly time, in seconds (eg. 9.87) for each of the 12 monthly meetings · Stores three years worth of data · Allows the user to select an athlete from a drop down list and view their individual data · Allows the user to search for the name of an athlete who has achieved a certain time, e.g 10.04 You must use arrays (multi dimensional preferably) for this task

What word means monthly?

monthly or to be not that detailing, everyday

Allotted in a sentence?

The students were alloted two lockers per student, a gym locker and a hallway locker.

How much monthly is 120 thousand a year?

That Would Be 10,000 monthly

How can you use monthly as an adverb?

They are paid monthly. (In other words, they receive their pay once a month - and not daily, weekly or annually).When the word monthly precedes a noun, it is an adjective. He made his monthly trip to the cabin.

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How can you use monthly in a sentence?

An example of monthly in a grammatically correct sentence is as follows: "I fill out numerous bank forms monthly".

Does CalOSHA require monthly safety meetings?

Yes if you are in construction, landscaping, or agriculture.

Can you use monthly in a sentence?

Yes. The moon is on a monthly cycle.

What is a sentence for monthly?

if you do not go to the grocery store monthly you will run out of food

Can you give me a sentence using the word monthly?

The magazine comes monthly.

Can you remove your monthly pension from Romania into France if you have decided to live there?


Does OSHA require monthly safety meetings?

They have timely or even surprise inspections though to make sure that all companies and organization are being compliant and are observing the safety in the workplace. Federal OSHA has no requirement for safety meetings, monthly or otherwise. Some State OSHA programs do require periodic safety meetings.

Different types of meetings within your workplace?

Here are some types of meetings: Daily stand-up meeting Weekly team meeting Monthly planning meeting Quarterly review meeting Executive board meeting Annual review meeting Want to learn about effective meetings workshop, visit at

Can you use allotment in a sentence?

Example sentence - Our monthly military allotment increased after the birth of our son.

Can somewon give you there Club Penguin accout that's bluzzzy?

no they can not because i am a secret agent and a officer and i go to monthly meetings so that is a no

Does Kentucky medical card cover gastric bypass surgery?

I have KY medicaid and it covers gastric bypass and lap band. I'm getting ready to have gastric at Kings Daughter in Ashland. I've had to go through 7 monthly meetings with my family doctor and 7 monthly meetings in Ashland. You can email me at if you have any questions.

How do you use has in a sentence?

My dog has to go to the doctor for it's monthly shots.