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Q: How many General Aviation airplanes are there?
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What do airplanes do in history?

Aircraft, and aviation in general, revolutionized warfare, commerce, and technology.

What has the author Dale R Satran written?

Dale R. Satran has written: 'Wind-tunnel investigation of the flight characteristics of a Canard general-aviation airplane configuration' -- subject(s): Airplanes, Canard Wings, Canard configurations, General aviation aircraft, Stability, Stability of airplanes, Wings, Canard

What has the author Alexander T Wells written?

Alexander T. Wells has written: 'Introduction to aviation insurance' -- subject(s): Aviation Insurance, Insurance, Aviation 'General aviation marketing' -- subject(s): Marketing, Airplanes 'Commercial aviation safety' -- subject(s): Aeronautics, Aeronautics, Commercial, Commercial Aeronautics, Safety measures 'General aviation marketing and management' -- subject(s): Marketing, Management, Airplanes, Aircraft industry 'Air transportation' -- subject(s): Aeronautics, Commercial, Airlines, Commercial Aeronautics, Management

Where can one purchase a private airplane?

Although the private airplane market has declined over the last while, there are still a number of places to purchase private airplanes. Some companies that sell private airplanes include General Aviation Services and TWC Aviation Services.

What technology do airplanes use?

Aviation technology.

Suitable in aviation?

Suitable in aviation is green diesel. Green diesel is used in airplanes.

What is aviation tec?

Aviation Technician (or Aviation tec for short) is a person who inspects airplanes after a specific period of time to find any damages. A chief technician also advises a company on which type of airplanes should be bought to increase the productivity.

How many airplanes in the sky at once?

Well, I cannot tell you the exact number, but here is a site that shows a live radar of all the aircraft in the US flying. From the airlines to the general aviation aircraft.

What kind of fuel used by airplanes and jets?

Aviation turbine fuel.

Were there airplanes in 1923?

yes, aviation was growing rapidly in the 1920's.

What do you learn at aviation school?

At aviation school you learn how to fly airplanes, helicopters and other more specific air crafts.

When did China General Aviation end?

China General Aviation ended in 1997.