How loud is 85dB?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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As loud as a train whistle from 10 ft away.

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Q: How loud is 85dB?
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What is the permissible limit of noise pollution as per WHO?


What level can sound hurt your ears?

Sound is capable of damaging your hearing once over 85db.

Will pink noise harm hearing?

Pink noise it's self will not cause damage to your hearing. However it is how loud and how long you play the sound for. If you listen to pink noise with a volume level under 85db SPL(Sound Pressure Level) is quite unlikely to cause any damage to your hearing, even if listening to it continuously =)

Is Mr Tillery Loud?

Yes he is but he is not scary loud just loud loud

Is the symbol moderately loud moderately soft loud very loud very soft?

Loud may be twice as loud than moderately loud.

Is laugh out loud an adjective?

No. Laugh is a verb, loud is an adverb (loudly), and out is an adverb (modifies loud, idiomatically). The idiom "out loud" means "aloud." Loud, is, however, usually an adjective (loud noise, loud colors).

Is loud a negative connotation?

loud = probably neutral (can be proud and loud or boisterous, annoying loud)

What will happen to your ears if you hear a loud noise?

When a loud noise hits your ears, the small bones in your ears briefly disconnect, in order to partially mute the sound. This helps to maintain hearing. However, in louder sounds, this manuever is ineffective. Normal conversation is about 85Db (Decibels). A lawnmower is about 90Db and, over 8 hours, can cause some (usually reversible) hearing damage. Gunshots are around 140Db, and can cause instant pain as well as damage. Higher overpressure gradiants (bigger noises) can of course do even more. Really loud noises, like a gunshot at close range, can cause deafness, ringing in your ears (tinnitis), and may actually damage the ear drum. All of these effects may be temporary, or they may be permanent.

How long can you go without hearing protection before im at risk of hearing loss?

8 hours with 85dB of continuous sound pressure, 4 hours with 95dB, 2 hours with 105 etc.

How loud is an iPod?


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