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Q: How long women can do deep throat?
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Who was Deep Throat?

Watergate's Deep Throat was W. Mark Felt of the FBI.

What was the Production Budget for Deep Throat?

The Production Budget for Deep Throat was $25,000.

When was Deep Throat released?

Deep Throat was released on 06/30/1972.

What is the ratio of women who deepthroat?

The answer depends on the context of the comparison. Is it the ratio of women who deep throat as compared toall women;women of sexually active age,men who deepthroatthe whole population?

What is the duration of Inside Deep Throat?

The duration of Inside Deep Throat is 1.53 hours.

What is the duration of Deep Throat in Tokyo?

The duration of Deep Throat in Tokyo is 1.28 hours.

What is the duration of Deep Throat film?

The duration of Deep Throat - film - is 1.02 hours.

Can giving head help a sore throat?

Depends if its long or not... i wouldn't go deep throating if you have a sore throat...

How much money did Inside Deep Throat gross domestically?

Inside Deep Throat grossed $691,880 in the domestic market.

When was Deep Throat - The X-Files - created?

Deep Throat - The X-Files - was created in 1993.

When was Inside Deep Throat created?

Inside Deep Throat was created on 2005-02-11.

When was Deep Throat in Tokyo created?

Deep Throat in Tokyo was created on 1975-12-06.