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It depends upon the severity of the electric shock, among other things.

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Q: How long will the tingling last from electric shock?
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When you have recovered the person from the electric shock is it safe to touch them?

As long as the person who received the electric shock is NOT connected to the electric supply that caused the incident and you are not in a situation where you are at rise of injurty by the electric or any other situation then you can contune to provide first response help.

Would an mild electric shock cause nerve damage?

Yes it would cause a nerve damage but it depends on where and how long you give mild electric shock to somebody. i think so?

Why after a long car journey you can get an electric shock from the door handle?

because of static electricity

What happens if you come in contact with the third rail of the Long Island Rail Road?

you will die of extreme electric shock because its an electric rail!

How long should an electric stove last?

As long as I say it does!

Is pool shock the same as chlorine?

There is chlorine shock and non chlorine shock. Fo chlorine shock, which is the normal shock, it is the same a s Chlorine but unstabilized, so it will not last in the pool very long.

How long does a charge last in an electric car?

This completely depends on the model of the electric car.

Why capacitors may pose an electric shock even in unpowered circuits?

Capacitors are used to store electricity in a circuit, so even when the circuit is unpowered, so long as it's still functional, it would still give off a small electric shock due to electric charge present in capacitor.

How long does shock absorbers last on a pickup?

From 50K to 100K. It depends on driving habits and conditions.

What are you supposed to use while removing a victim from electric shock?

Anything that's not conductive - such as a long piece of wood, or strong cloth.

How long to charge oral-b toothbrush?

how long does an oral b electric toothbrush last

How long does a shock absorber last?

Years ago, they commonly lasted 25-30 thousand miles. Today's shock absorbers will commonly last 100,000 miles or more, but the companies that make shock absorbers still urge you to get them changed at 25,000 mile intervals - because they're in business to sell shock absorbers.