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Everyone is different. So while someone may experience a signigicant growth (say 4 to 5 inches) another may see some growth in hair length, but not much. It also depends on how you use the product and if you use the complete line. All in all - different strokes for different folks.

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Q: How long will hair grow if you use do gro?
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How can your hair gro fast?

you can use hair grease

How do you use miracle gro fertilizer on human hair?


Can you use miracle grow on raspberries?

Yes you an. Miracle Gro is a suitable fertilizer for all edible plants.

How do you grow strong long hair?

Well you can use the Nioxin hair product. the Shampoo and Conditoner really make your hair grow. They sell it at Beauty Supply stores.

How do you get hair to grow really fast in two weeks?

Your can't grow your hair really long in two weeks, if you are really desperate use hair extensions, ciao!!

How do you make hair grow quick?

dont cut it and use shampoo and conditioner for long hair growth

Why does hair grow long on the scalp but not the hands?

It would grow long (well, longer anyhow) on the hands too. It's just that the hands see so much use that the hair gets worn out.

How long does it take for hair to grow 10 inches?

well on average it takes a year to grow 6 inches, unless you use the best product out there for hair growth

How To get long hair fast?

1. get extensions 2. just wait for it to grow 3. ask a salon about a hair product you could use for your hair

How do you get long hair in a day without extentions?

It's not possible to grow your hair in one day. You would have to use some sort of fake hair.

What can you use to grow your hair back?

i used dax hair grease on my hair and it take away some of my hair from the back what can i used to grow it back . the hairdresser use a product on my hair and some of my hair has broken off what can i use to grow back my hair all together

How long do you think it took jaden smith to grow his hair?

Jaden Smith use's extensions.