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Generally speaking - Body 21/Brain 25

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Q: How long will a man continue to grow?
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How LONG does the whale grow?

As long as it lives it will continue to grow. Just as you will. So there is no specific length.

How can a man grow long hair?

you just never cut it and it will eventually grow long.

How long does it take for a savannah monitor to grow?

They continue to grow in their 20 year lifespan each year getting bigger

How long will biofuel last?

As long as we choose to continue to grow the feedstocks involved, or until a better technology is invented.

What is a height of a plant dependent on?

The type of plant and its environment. Some plants will continue to grow as long as they have room to grow and are well nourished.

Why do we have man made rules in math?

The laws in math were not invented by man, they were merely discovered by man. The universe operated by these mathematical principles long before man and will continue to long after we're gone.

Can long stemmed roses continue to grow new stems after they have been cut and placed in water?

How interesting, I was just thinking about this, this morning. Some plants can continue to grow after they have been cut (Philodendron), but not roses. They are essentially in shock and even with proper nutririon they will not continue to grow. If you are (or have) experienced this with roses, please let us know as you have found something that defies the natural world.

How long does it take rice to grow in the US?

really long like 300 years man coool

How long does it take lemons to grow?

The lemon flower will turn into a lemon in 6 to 9 months as long as the temperature is favorable. They will continue to grow continuously throughout the year if they are not exposed to cold temperatures.

What does a leaf need to stay alive?

It needs to be connected to the plant. As long as the plant has water, nutrients the plant and leaves) will continue to live Leaves grow and achieve a specific pattern and shape, then stop. Other plant parts like stems or roots will usually continue to grow as long as they have the resources to do so.

Is wool renwable?

Yes, because the animals continue to grow fleece -- like humans continue to grow hair.

Does hair ALWAYS grow if you have been torn just above the anus?

hair will continue to grow nomater if you razor or cut is it will still continue to grow