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Q: How long will 12gb of data last?
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I have a 40gb ps3 with no music movies or pictures etc there is little game data utility and saved data utility yet my ps3 says there is only 12gb remaining what is taking up the rest?

its probably you're saved game data

How big is 12GB data plan?

I put this very complex question through a calculus program on my computer and it came out with this amazing answer: "more than 11Gb and less than 13Gb"

12GB is equal to how many MB?

12,288 MB

How long is halo reach's beta?

The beta begins on May 3rd. Bungie says it will last as long as it needs to last for them to collect the data they need and then it will last until it comes out

12gb in bytes?

1 073 741 824 bytes ==

How many MB are there in 12GB?

1GB = 1024MB so 12GB = 1024 x 12 = 12,288MB and if you want it in kb 1MB = 1024 KB SO 12gb=12,288 MB = 12,228 * 1024 = 12582912 KB

How much memory does everquest 2 take up?

Roughly 12GB

How long will the data stored on the 3.5 inch floppy last?

Around 35 to 40 years.

How much GB does lotro take?

minimum 10 gb recommended 12gb

Where can you buy star wars the force unleashed 2?

just downloaded it from the PLAYSTATION STORE on PS3 but i'll warn you that it takes 12GB so it takes a long time to download.

Is a 12gb PS3 enough?

It might last about a year unless your a serious gamer but in the end you just gonna have to get a hard drive fitted on way or the other. But if you play games off a disc and don't download them and buy few DLCs you should be OK for it to last for a while.

What is disadvantage of UPS?

Usually it's quite expensive, and it doesn't last long. But enough to finish all operations and save your data.