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i got mine done a week ago and the piercer told me that i should wait to go at a pool about 2 weeks but he also told me that i could go anytime at the beach and also for tanning.

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Q: How long should you wait until you go swimming in a public pool after navel piercing?
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How long till you can go swimming after you've gotten your navel piercing?

You should probably be good after a month or so

Is it possible to go swimming with a navel piercing?

yes but only after 3 to 4 weeks

Should your navel piercing have a scab?


It's been about two weeks since my navel piercing can i go swimming in a pool with chlorine?


How much should you feel the barbell through your navel piercing?

if its new not alot.if its an older piercing it does not matter

How do you bathe with a new navel piercing?

As you would without a navel piercing, just be sure the navel piercing is the last thing you clean before you exit the bath.

Can you wet your navel piercing?

Well if you are doing your aftercare correctly you should be getting the piercing wet every time you clean the piercing.

Why is it not safe to tan after a naval piercing?

You aren't supposed to tan indoors after getting a navel piercing because of the UV rays can dry out your piercing and make it uncomfortable, and if the lotion gets into your piercing it can get infected. Your piercing may take 6-12 months to heal so until then you should take good care of it and avoid tanning and swimming. You should wait until the weather cools down to get your piercing so then you have all winter for it to heal.

Can navel piercing migation be down to growth What can happen if you get a navel piercing age 14 or 15?

Your question "Can navel piercing migration be down to growth" makes no sense.

Can a woman that's pregnant still keep her navel piercing in?

She can still keep her navel piercing in.

Can navel piercing be on the side of your belly button?

If it hangs or dangles chances are good that it will retain a piercing. Placing the navel piercing off to the side will be problematic for aftercare and irritation during the healing process. If you haven't had a navel piercing before then stay with something that is simpler to care for and will give a result a navel piercing is supposed to give.

What is the price for Navel piercing in Bangalore?

Navel piercing could cost anywhere between Rs 350 and 500 with navel jewelery done by experienced piercer.