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About 10 weeks

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Q: How long should you wait before you start strecthing my ears?
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I am 11 so what size should i start stretching my ears?

Generally, a regular ear lobe piercing is an 18 or 20 gauge, so the first size taper you should get would be a 16 gauge. Ask your parents before stretching your ears.

Should you pierce your ears before a flight?

it doesn't matter

Should you fly with blocked ears?

Flying with blocked ears is not necessarily dangerous. However, you want to find out why your ears are blocked before you fly.

Why should your ears be pierced before sixteen?

because at a younger age it will not heart

What should you start with if you want to get plugs for your ears?

I say that you should go to a grocery store or a pharmacy and ask them for help.

Do you have to pierce your ears before gauging them?

You do. You should let them heal compleltely before starting to stretch them. You will have to wait about 6 months. ISH.

At what level can sounds damage ears?

at 100Db sound can start to damage the ears.

How should you take care of your ears?

because if we do not care your ears your ears will be dirty

What listening devices start with e?


Haw old should a pitbull puppies be for the ears to be cropped?

4 months is the best and after 8 months is not recomended.

How many decibals does it take to go deaf?

usually around 120 decibels is when your ears start to hurt. But the most highest rate your ears can take before you get permanent, immediate hearing loss is 194 decibels. anything higher for your ears it would probally make your ears bleed as if your ear drum was a balloon full of blood at the right amount of pressure.

What is the age when your ears start to ring?

It all depends on how well you have treated your ears. If you blare loud music daily, they'll start ringing a lot quicker.