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If you're dealing with a new slab, you must wait a minimum of 28 days, preferably two months, for the floor to cure and dry thoroughly before applying a garage floor coating.

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Q: How long should a concrete garage floor cure before applying epoxy coating?
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What coating or matting is best for a cement garage floor?

A concrete garage floor needs only be poured on compacted soil. Consult a structural engineer for more information.

Can garage floor epoxy be repaired?

Yes you can if the existing coating is not peeling and adhered well to the concrete. You will need to sand the entire floor with 220 grit sandpaper and remove the dust before recoating. Make sure any oil or grease spots are removed as well.

How can you seal a concrete garage floor?

There are different ways to seal concrete. One way to seal concrete is to do it while the concrete is drying by applying a sealant with a paint roller. Another way is to use epoxy. Another great way is to use interlocking tile for the garage. Swisstrax has a good durable product that makes a garage looked. I would recommend the tile because it makes the garage look better and it is easy to

Which companies sell garage floor coating paint?

My garage floor needs a new coat of paint. What is the best garage floor coating paint?

Which companies in Las Vegas offer garage floor coating services?

Garage Floor Coating (, one of the nation's largest garage floor coating specialists, offers such a service to residents of Las Vegas.

My garage is already painted. Do I need to remove paint before adding the quikrete Epoxy Garage floor coating?

It is best if you do remove the old paint first.

Are there any companies that provide garage floor coating?

My garage floor is quite dull looking. Are there any companies that would do a garage floor coating to make it look nicer?

How To Give Your Garage Pizazz By Applying A Garage Floor Coating?

When you are looking for ways to give your garage floor a fresh clean finished look or to protect it from damage that it may sustain, applying a garage floor coating may be the answer for you. In just a few steps you can have a garage floor that you wouldn’t even mind your baby playing on. Step 1. Deciding what uses you have for your garage will help you to determine what type of garage floor coating you will need to use for your project. If you are hoping to create an area where you can entertain or hold festive gatherings there are decorative flakes you can use to create beautiful designs. If you want a clean and fresh look, there are garage floor coating that require little maintenance to clean. If you plan on working in your garage and there are slip and fall hazards that can be present, there is gritting that can be included in your garage floor coating to help prevent these accidents. Step 2. You will need to remove everything from your garage floor. Using warm water and mild detergent, wash away dirt, grime, grease, oils and other debris that may be on your garage floor. Use a scrubbing brush on areas that may not wash away easily. Spray the soapy water and debris away with a high pressure garden hose or power washer. Allow this area to dry completely. Step 3. Carefully read the manufacturer’s directions on the garage floor coating you chose. When your garage floor is completely dry, apply the primer on your garage floor surface with a roller. Make sure that you cover the entire floor paying attention to the edges and corner areas. Allow the primer coating to dry completely before moving to the next step. Step 4. In accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, apply the epoxy or urethane base coating that you have chose over the base coating. Again make sure that you completely cover the floor including the sides and corner areas. If you plan on adding flakes for decoration or gritting for slip and fall prevention before the base coating dries. You will need to sweep or blow any excess flaking or gritting away. Allow this to completely dry before moving to the next step. Step 5. Use a floor scraper to scrape any paint chips or flaking are sticking up from the floor’s surface. Step 6. Apply your finish coating to the entire garage floor. This will help to seal the garage floor coating. You may want to apply two sealer coats to your floor for maximum benefits and shine. You will need to let this dry for at least forty eight hours. Before allowing foot traffic to travel over your garage floor, allow the coating to set for a minimum of five days.

Where can I buy cheap garage floor coating online?

I need a garage floor coating for my 2nd house. Where can I buy cheap ones online?

Cost of concrete garage?

The average cost of making a concrete garage depend greatly on the size of the garage, materials used, and whether you build it yourself or hire a contractor. The average cost to build a concrete garage ranges from around $13,000 for a very small garage to as much as $45,000 for a large, custom concrete garage.

Where can one purchase a concrete sectional for their garage?

To purchase a concrete sectional for a garage, visit the following online stores: Hanson Concrete Garages, the Post and Panel Garage, and PistonHeads. These sites specialize in concrete sectional buildings and have useful information along with products available for purchase.

Where can one buy garage floor coatings?

You can purchase a garage floor coating at retail websites such as Walmart or Lowe's. You can also purchase coating online at websites such as Sears, Graingers, and Ace Hardware.