How long sex need to be last?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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2 or 4 min

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Q: How long sex need to be last?
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How long does sex intercourse can last?

Sex can last a period of time depending on the two sex mate

How long does sex go for?

about a week..... if you last that long

How long does sex needs to happen?

Try better grammar and asking a more specific question. Your current question does not specify how long would sex need to last for ______ to occur. If you are trying to ask how long does it have to last for in order for it to be considered sexual intercourse, the answer is open to opinion but generally even momentary penetration will be considered sex.

How long doe sex last for?

it last from 10 min to 15 min

What is love and how it is different from sex?

Love is a long term relationship,it may not last long, but intention is that. Sec is a short term aggrement or better to say relationship where both parties get agree for the same.Sex is need of body where love is need of heart.

How long do ice burgs last for?

till u sex til they break

How long does average sex last for?

What I heard is that the span of sex in America for people over 30 is 15 to 20 minute's.

Is it good to have make up sex right after every argument and will it last like that?

no and no not for long

How long does sex last with out stopping?

It depends on the boy. They all release at different times.

Will same-sex marriage last?

As long as the love is there and those people love each other very much :) Gender/sex is irrelevant.

How long should a male last during sex?

usually around 3-10 minutes.

How long do whirlpools last?

After having sex with mother nature, then she'll stop it. ^_^ nuff said