How long is a work day?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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It should be eight hours! In the day we are living, everyone wants the overtime!! Can't seem to make it any other way!

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Q: How long is a work day?
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How long is the average work day for a psychologist?

They uasally work 12 hours a day

Would you have to work day or night to be an architect?

you can work day or night as long as you do your job

How long do you have to work out every day?

they work every day except Sunday you can work out on Sunday but work out half the time you do.

How long is a work day for a libarian?

they work from about .. 9 to 6

How long is a regular work day for a carpenter?

Usually 8 hours is a regular work-day.

How long does a musician work a day?

It depends

How long can an employee work in a day?


How long did the children work in a factory per day?

All day

How long do meteorologist have to work a day?

usually they work 8 in a day but, sometimes more if the weather requires it.

How long do costume designers work a day?

3-4 hours a day

Can you say have had?

Yes. Example: I have had a long day at work

How long does an American work per day?

about 10hrs