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30 years.

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Q: How long has the owner been a spokesperson for standard insurance agency commercials?
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Who is the owner of standard insurance agency?

Warren Buffet

What does Standard Insurance specialize in?

Standard Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializes in automobile insurance, providing coverage for various situation at affordable rates.

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This is the public spokesperson of the department or agency and interfaces between the agency and the media.

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John Jenkinson, who has also done a commerical for Verizon. John come visit Pacific Preferred Insurance Agency in Oxnard, California!

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Keystone Insurance Agency, as it says in the title, offers a wide variety of services dealing with insurance. One can purchase insurance from the Keystone Insurance Agency.

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Sell you insurance

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Yes, in 1996. And 2000. And 2004. The lap band in 2007 was optional.

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