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It depends on the size of the bug. Many are too large to swallow.

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Q: How long does take for a bug to go down?
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How long does it take for a swollen nose to go down

How long do bug bites generally take to heal?

The length of time a bug bite will take to heal will depend largely on what bug has bitten you. A mosquito bite can take a day or two to go away while there are some ant and spider bites that may take weeks to heal and need proper treatment.

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How long does it take for a swollen nose to go downHour5 secondsyou click on a certain spot on the lower level (down stairs) and your Sim will go down the steps and to that spot10 to 15 days

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its impossible, you can be killed by any thing, take a bug for example, a bug can go in your mouth and choke you to death.

How long does it take for water to go down the human throat?

about 3.443 seconds

How do pitcher plant eats?

A bug flies into it. and thin, stiff, directory hairs allow the bug to only go down. in the bottom of the plant is a digestive acid/liquid. the bug will attempt to escape the plant. but a waxy substance prevents this action. the bug slowly breaks down and the next day is just an exoskeleton of the bug.

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It helps the bug population to go down...

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you mom! i was asking u!

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2 to 3 weeks