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i would say urine has gone bad the moment it leaves the body. that's why its leaving, because its no longer good. if it were still good, it would stay. you getting this? please dispose of you jar of urine, its gone bad.

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Q: How long does pregnant urine stay good for when outside of the body?
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Can you get pregnant if you have frequent yeast infections?

No in fact yeast infections can be a sign that you are pregnant because the surge of hormones that are going through your body and all the changes your body is going through during to your doctor if your concerned about anything and are pregnant or trying to conceive hope this helps, Good luck and God Bless!!!

Can increased urine volume be beneficial to the body?

Drinking plenty of fluid is good for your body (this produces more urine). I think about 8 large glasses of water is a good amount to drink each day, more in the summer.

What keeps dirt and germs outside the body?

Good hygine.

Is urine harmful?

There is a never-ending debate on whether urine is harmful or not. While some argue that drinking urine promotes good health, urine may contain toxic components that may be harmful to the body.

Where can you find good bacteria in the body?

They are there every where in and outside the body. They are there in your colon. They are there in your mouth and nose. They are there on your skin.

Does your urine smell different when you are pregnant?

It shouldn't if it does get to your doctor IMMEDIATELY so they can test you for infections or STDs hope this helps Good luck and God Bless!! no actually it can smell diffrent i red about a women that found out she was pregnant by the smell of her urine, she never had no symptoms before hoped that helpedd

What is 1650ng on a urine test mean?

ng is Nanograms. A measurement used for body tests. ( Urine, blood, etc.). 1650ng of thc (pot) is a GOOD bit!

Is it good for a pregnant girl's body to be hot and her heart pouding?

You have 50% more blood in your body when pregnant so you will get flushed, warm and the get more easily exhausted. It's normal.

What is a good anology for a Golgi body?

A good analogy for a Golgi body would be a Post Office because it ships substances outside the cell.

Is drinking own urine good or bad?

I'd say it's pretty indifferent, urine leaving the body is sterile so it certainly won't do you any harm, however as it's your bodys waste product I don't think it will have many good effects as your body will have already taken most of the goodness and nutrients out of the liquids before it was turned into urine.

How good is V8 Splash for the body?

It acts as a detox, it cleanses the body and helps get rid of toxins. You may notice a slightly brighter coloured urine when you pee, this is good. This means that your body is getting rid of the toxins in your body. Hope this helps.

How can urine effect body?

More than three million Chinese drink their own urine in the belief it is good for their health, according to the official Xinhua news agency. see link: Urine Therapy at bottom of page