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It just depends on the complexity and severity of the loss and the ensuing claim. It could take a few days, a few weeks or sometimes even months.

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Q: How long does it takes for insurance company to process a claim for a home?
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How long does it takes for the claim insurance to process?

It takes at least 7 days but could take years.

How do you go about filing an injury claim with your insurance?

It would definitely depend on your insurance company. My insurance company like me to call them when I need to file an insurance claim and then I talk to an agent who takes down the specifics. If you have a personal agent you would want to contact him or her.

Can homeowners insurance specifically Travelers drop you in middle of claim and where can you get insurance if you have an open claim?

An insurance company cannot drop you in the middle of a claim. The state department of insurance sets standards for how long it takes for the insurance company to respond to a claim, and to issue payment once damage is verified. If they have stopped contact with you and have not given you a reason I would contact your state department of insurance and file a complaint.

How long does it take for a car accident to clear on insurance?

There is no time set by law. The process takes as long as the insurance company says it takes.

How many days do you have to file a claim for life insurance?

It depends on each company's rules, but generally you are not time restricted to file a death claim. Sometimes it takes a while to find all the policy information, probate, etc. I know of a spouse of a deceased insured who called the insurance company to cancel the policy on her husband because she could not afford it anymore, since her husband had died two years prior and her income was very low. Of course, the insurance company sent in the claim paperwork and paid the claim!

Do you need to file a police report if your under age child takes your car and crashes it?

Only if you have a prayer of getting the insurance company to assist you with the claim at all.

Can you claim roof damage on a new roof?

It is VERY important to have a professional roofing insurance resoration specialist inspect your roof first. This person will determine whether or not you have a claim. Next, you will contact the insurance company to make a claim and an appointment. The restoration specialist will be there to meet with your claims adjuster.

How does it take to receive benefits after death from aetna after someone dies?

A valid life insurance claim typically takes 30-60 days to get paid. Fax a copy of the death certificate to the company to speed things along.

What is The dollar amount you have to pay before an insurance plan takes effect and the insurance company starts paying called?


How long does it take to receive life insurance benefits in Alabama?

The time it takes likely depends more on the company than your state. You need to have a copy of the death certificate to send to the company as well as proof that you are a beneficiary. Unless there is a question, a company should be able to honor your claim and send you a check in a couple of weeks.

What if your insurance company wants to fix your badly damaged vehicle but you do not?

The insurance company usually has the final say because they are in charge of paying out any damages. In essence, the insurance company usually takes the side of what will cause them to pay out the least amount of money.

I am planning on taking out my retirement annuity from where I worked. I am not reinvesting it.My company automatically takes out 20%. How much more % will I have to claim?

You will have to claim the remaining 80%