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Depending on how long your hair is and how healthy it is. On average hair grows an inch to half an inch every month. So if your hair is short it will take you almost a year maybe less, some peoples hair grows fast.

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Q: How long does it take to grow your hair past your shoulders?
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What should you do to your hair to make it grow past your shoulders in a weeks time?

Get extensions

What is a good haircut for blonde girls with fine hair?

Maybe a short cut that ends around the shoulders. Or for waving hair, grow your hair down to your waist. Personally i think long hair past the shoulders that's straight, and side bangs.

How long is blanket Jackson's hair?

A little past his shoulders.

You want your hair to grow past your shoulders in a week what can you do to your hair to make it grow that long?

that's impossible to grow in a week women it depends how long your hair is mainly 3 years or more but not a week lmao :L ya make me chuckkle chuckksss thatss why i love this jobb LOL thankss

How long is Bella Swan's hair?

It's a few inches past her shoulders.

How many month should you grow your hair for braids?

I have my hair about 4 inches past my shoulders. You could grow your hair until it reaches that length. Time wise, it depends on how fast your hair grows.

What does it mean when someone's hair is past their shoulders?

it means they have long hair? what kind of a question is that. i dont think it means anything it just means their hair goes past their shoulders i doubt its some kind of signature gang look.

If your hair is at your shoulders right now than how long willl it take you to grow it out past your boobs?

depends on height and weight to see how much longer it needs to grow to get there but basically hair grows a half and inch every month on average so it may take awhile

How can you make your hair grow really fast from your shoulders to past your chest in a really short time like 3 months or less?

Answer tie ur hair alot

If you have medium length hair how long will it take to grow to past shoulder length?

it depends on how healthy your hair is

How do you get long hair for blacks?

For long hair you have to have healthy hair. Websites and fourms can assist with this. K.I.S.S., hairlista and more, gurus on youtube such as ulovemegz, mskibi, buildablebeauty, and thehappyhairshow share tips on healthy long black hair care. HHJ (happy hair journey) fictional hair myths: keeping your hair dirty, using grease, relaxers make your hair grow, black hair CAN'T grow past the shoulders natural or relaxed, clipping your ends EVERYtime it grows (your cutting off progress), brushing your hair 100 times from root to tip (how is that logical?)

Why won't my hair grow past my shoulders?

Your hair is not growing as you want it to be i.e(past shoulders) as you are not treating it well. (black people hair)- washing your hair to regularly causes split ends which travels up the root of hair and makes your hair dry, brittle and it doesnt matter what shampoo or conditioner you use as long as you are using one its just that the product that you do use for your hair wont make an effect if your not massaging it into your scalp with your fingertips as massaging your hair with the nails prevents circulation and prevents your hair from growing faster than 1 inch or even an inch at all. so remember these tips and as well eat healthily i.e fruit and vegetables and this helps your hair especially if its short to make short hair GROW.