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Braces really aren't that bad. In the very beginning, they might feel tight and uncomfortable to eat crunchy and chewy things. That may last for about a week, at most, but then eating is no problem... except of course getting food stuck in your braces.

Getting fully used to them doesn't really take long, and it varies for every person.

Good luck to whoever is new to the world of metal mouth!

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Q: How long does it take to get use to braces in you're mouth?
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How long does it take to get braces?

It takes about an hour to apply braces.

Can braces kill you?

No well they can if you have a small mouth . I have a small mouth so when they put all the big plastic mouth holder things in I couldnt breathe. In the end they had to take everything out so now I can't have braces

How do you remove wax of braces?

no it is not. the wax is purposed to stop the brackets of the braces to hurt you mouth from the inside,wax is not a sticky substance. it is easy to take it off.

How long you have to wear braces?

That actually depends on how badly your teeth are un-straight. The mor un-straight the longer, and vice versa. ---------- This person is right. Because if you had a spacer in your mouth before you got your braces it could be a while to take off your braces. For me I only have to wear them for 2 years. Almost 1 year now.

What if your braces make what if your mouth sore?

it doesn`t hurt but you will have discomfort later on so take tylenol and eat soft foods you will also have to be prepared to have braces on for a while I need mine on for 18 months so you will become used to the feeling but you will need to change some of the stuff you eat and be careful and check what you eat food can get caught in your braces

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How long can you use invisible braces?

Invisible braces should be treated like regular braces. You have to keep them in at all times and only take them off for eating and brushing.

How long do bottom braces take to get off?

two or three years

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Why do braces take so long to be put on?

depends. if you are getting a full mouth (like i have) it would take about an hour to an hour and a half. "half" mouth, about 45 minutes or so. whoever said 3 hours, they were probably kidding. (:

Do people with braces if they get a cavitivy do they have to take the braces off?

well they have to take that part of the braces off then they fill it and put it back on