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Go cold-turkey off whatever pain killers your on. The first 72 hours are going to be hell, so get prepared for it. Get some Phenegran if possible, stock up on liquids such as Gatorade or something that will give you carbs, protein and electrolytes as quick as possible. If you can't get Phenegran, get Dramamine. Not nearly as effective but will help counter the nausea and stomach pains. Try to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. You will run a small fever, around 100 degrees. This is normal to the detox. You will basically feel as if you have the flu and all the symptoms will suggest that also, but don't be fooled. Your nose will run, diarrhea, nausea(with vomiting possible) and chills/hot flashes. After the 72 hours, you should start feeling better! Hydrate as much as possible without making yourself sick, and try and eat if you can. The symptoms or "hell" will slowly digress over the next week. Just stay the course and you WILL be fine! Some people take over a month or longer to be completely opioid free, both mentally and physically. All depending on the use or abuse of the pain medication, originally. The more it has incorporated itself into your life the longer it will take for you to mentally conquer the medication more so than physically. If there is an abuse problem than it may take up to several months or maybe even years, depending on your willpower and dedication and resolve to stay off the drug. You do not need it. Do not be afraid! You will be sick for a short period of time but it will be so well worth the agony once you've beaten it and changed your lifestyle. Which is another must do thing! Do not expose yourself to any situation in which your tempted to use again! It's to easy to fall back in to the routine. Follow my advice to the letter and I promise you that you will be on your way to clarity in no time! And with that will come happiness of being able to break that chain holding you down! Remember to keep hydrating yourself!!! That is the biggest threat, even though you feel like dying. You will be fine! Give it time and everything will be fine. Good Luck and Congratulations on taking back your life!! Love and Peace!

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Q: How long does it take to detox from being on painkillers for 6 months?
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