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it takes about 3to4 years of colloge to become a marine biologist

AnswerThese days the college route is essential, but don't feel that you have to go to a school that specializes in marine biology. Find a college that is first rate in science but has good humanities and communications training as well. In the summer of your junior year or senior year make SURE that you get a summer job or take a course in a marine lab (see marine lab links and internships/ summer course links on the main page of the MBWEB URL). This will do more for you than any 5 marine biology courses in college. After college your marine biology education will be acquired in graduate school. If you wish to become a technician a Masters degree will do, but a Ph.D. is essential these days to become an independent scholar who can supervise research projects be a well placed official in an environmental protection agency, etc.

A masters degree will usually take about 2 years to complete. It is important to choose a university where the program has substance. You want to pick up a core education in marine biology, but, depending upon your career goals, you may want a very specific set of courses and an opportunity to do some research. It may be possible to rapidly complete a masters but you may have no substantive education to apply to a job. This will especially be true if you want to work in a specific field, such as shellfish mariculture. The Ph.D. degree will take an average of six years in a United States graduate school, but there is considerable variability around the world. In the United Kingdom and Australia for example, Ph.D. degrees tend to take 3-4 years, as they tend to omit formal course work, emphasizing research. In the USA many Ph.D. programs take good students right from their undergraduate school, but a substantial number of students take a masters degree first, to see if they want to go through with a Ph.D. Institutions such as the Marine Sciences Research Center at Stony Brook and the Virginia Inst. of Marine Sciences have dual programs, which allows a smooth transition from Masters to Ph.D. student status.

an average of 4-6 years
1 year
3 years 3 years but that depends on what type of school you go to
abouut three yeaars:))

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Q: How long does it take to become a marine biologist?
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What responsibility is needed for a marine biologist?

Responsibilities needed to become a marine biologist consist of: knowledge of: plant and animal life underwater, different species of life, and how to take properly take care of the delicate organisms underwater.

My kid wants to become a marine biologist. How should I encourage him?

Helping to research what steps your child needs to take to become a marine biologist is a good start. Showing them that you are willing to really believe in their ability and help them get there is the best way.

What subjects do you have to take to become a marien biologist?

As many biology classes as you can take. As well as specilized marine or aquatics classes if they are available.

What high school classes do you need to become a marine biologist?

I think You have to take biology and geography maybe more this answer isn't perfect

What type of test does marine biologist have to take before they can get a PHD?

I HAVE MARINE master in ecdis

Is it a bad idea to want to become a marine biologist if you live in Kansas?

It is not bad as long as you have a place where they teach this near by or be willing to move. Make sure you also are ready to move somewhere to take up a job doing this if there is not a place you can do this.

Where do you train to become a marine biologist?

The location of a marine biologist is either in a aquarium, near the ocean, outdoors, or in a area that a marine biologist should be working in if they want to study oceanography. Oceanography should be studied near the ocean, not by a lake, river, nor pond an ocean.

How long does it take to become a wildlife biologist?

Four years for your Bachelor's degree; six for your Master's, and more if you continue on for your PhD.

How much money does marine biologist make per year?

The most current information shows that a marine biologist can earn as little as $28K to over $92k annually. Figures take into consideration experience and years at job.

What high school classes do you have to take to become a marine biologist?

A lot of math and science courses. You also need social studies and English. I personally take a foreign language. A lot of math, Physics, Chemistry, biology, advanced biology and even engineering. Other sciences can be useful too, but those are the main sciences you should take. Going above and beyond all your other core classes, can help too.

Becoming a Marine Biologist?

To become a marine biologist, the best thing a student can do is study marine biology in an undergraduate setting. Marine biologists need to have a strong understanding of sea animals and sea plants. Marine biology is a field of study that delves into this and exposes students to the inner workings of underwater life. To increase one's chances of being hired as a marine biologist after college, a student can take on a research role in the marine biology department at an undergraduate institution. Research experience is looked upon very highly by marine biologists, as it is practical experience which applies the knowledge of marine biology. In addition, a student should try volunteering with environmental groups on campus, such as "Save the Manatees" or "Save the Whales."

How many years will it take to train a animal being a marine biologist?

it takes over 24 hours