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A woman can use a bathroom from anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. It depends on what they are doing. Emptying out the bladder, for example, is what takes the least time.

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Q: How long does is take a women to use the bathroom?
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Why do women take so long in the bathroom?

For women, it's also a social occasion.AnswerBecause there is a mirror in the bathroom. Take the mirror out and I will bet the time they spend in there will greatly be reduced. However, if you like a stable marriage, hot meals, and a warm bed, I would think about it before removing the mirror.mostly girls have a low self esteem,therefore being in the bathroom boosts that x facter that will get them recognised by us men...they use the bathroom like its a househole lab were they make experiments on themselves to find out what will enhance their beauty even more...but we don't have a problem with them looking hot but they have to understand that if you are a women then beauty is a natural characteristic that they are born with...and we love women just as they are...####VincentAnswerSometimes women have their period in the bathroom.

What if the line up for the bathroom is to long?

Use the bathroom somewhere else.

How do women use the toilet and I don't mean just pissing wile wareing a one piece swimsuit?

Women use the toilet as they would normally when they're in a one-piece swimsuit. You simply take off the swimsuit to use the bathroom, then put it back on when you're done.

Do you have to use the bathroom?

Yes you do need to use the bathroom Where else would you take dump or pee? Outside like a stubid dog would?

How do you take your dog a shower when it is cold?

You could use a bathroom and use hot water :)

Can you use the bathroom or may you use the bathroom?

the correct term is may I use the bathroom

Why women like to see boys use the bathroom?

Because it's cool to watch us boys

What are the positive things in men and not in women?

well me dont have to have a child and men can use the bathroom standing up

How long does it take to use the bathroom?

Well, girls over the age of 8 might have to change a pad or tampon. And guys I have no idea cuz I'm female.

How many kilowatts does it take to run lights in the bathroom?

That depends on how many light bulbs are in the bathroom and how much power each of them use.

The difference between bathroom and private bathroom?

Private bathroom-> this is only for a single person. He will use it and no one can use that. Bathroom-> It will be general bathroom every body can use it.

You use a equate complete enema sodium phosphates rectal solution Tuesday around 600 PM you haven't been to the bathroom yet Question is How long does it take?