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Depends what you eat, the healthier you are the faster it grows(same applies to nails and skin aging)

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Q: How long does hair grow each day?
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How long does your hair grow in a day?


How much hair does your hair grow each day?

about 0.44 a day but it really depends on your jeans

How long does your hair grow every day?


How many hair grow in a day?

100 hairs grow on your head each and every day.

Hair falls out naturally so how does it grow long if it is continually falling out?

As a strand of hair will fall , more strands will grow each day and make up for the fallen ones.

How do you get long hair in a day without extentions?

It's not possible to grow your hair in one day. You would have to use some sort of fake hair.

If you wet your hair every day does it make it grow?

You will not perceptibly get more hair growth from wetting hair each day but keeping a clean scalp can't hurt.

How long does it take for hair dye to grow out?

It depends on the length you keep your hair. 1/4 in. day on avge.

Does milk help your hair grow?

yes!! it also helps your nails grow. if you drink one cup of milk every day for 10 days, your hair will grow 2.76588920 long.

Can you grow really long hair in a day?

No, unless you count wearing a wig or a weave.

Does hair grow faster when you are awake or asleep?

Your hair has a cycle where it grows normally all day long and then it will shed after a few years. The follicle won't do any thing for about a week or two and when the hair will start to grow again. This is the same for everybody but each persons cycle is different. This is why some people can grow their hair up to the floor while others can only grow it up to their backs. Hope this helped

How do you keep long hair thick?

Hair, we can grow it as long as we want but it might be untidy and hard to take care of, right? Well, unless you spend like every hour of the day cleaning your hair then it won't be so bad... But, you don't have time to do that... I suggest you to cut your hair. and then, it can grow long.